Welcome to the Guide to Measurement of Rentable Areas.

The aim of this publication is to provide a guide to uniform and impartial methods of measuring floor space in commercial and industrial buildings; office accommodation, retail premises, warehouses and factories.

Property Council New Zealand and the Property Institute of New Zealand have combined in this endeavour to establish a basis applicable throughout New Zealand which will be acceptable to property owners, developers, investors, tenant/ lessees, the professions and all those involved in the provision and utilisation of space.

The need for affected parties to have an acceptable guide has been well demonstrated by the extensive adoption of the original 1981 BOMA/PMI Guide to the Measurement of Rentable Areas and subsequent revisions in 1987, 1996, 2006 and 2013.

This revision clarifies certain aspects and recognises changes in the market.

This guide is primarily directed to the measurement of floor space in commercial, industrial and retail premises.

The term Rentable Area is applied throughout to the various categories of accommodation described. This is believed to be the simplest and most descriptive term for the type of measurement this guide sets out to establish.

It is recommended this guide be referred to in lease documents and the relevant method applied should be specified. The expression lease where used in this guide includes a licence or other right to occupy, whether formal or informal.

This guide may be used for such purposes as determining Rentable Areas, project feasibility, building efficiency, operating and cost apportionment and other related matters. Each Method of Measurement is to be read in conjunction with the associated diagrams. Where there is any discrepancy between the text and the diagrams, the text prevails.

It is recommended by Property Council New Zealand and the Property Institute of New Zealand that this method of measuring be used as widely as possible. To avoid possible misunderstandings, measurements in accordance with this document should identify it as the “Guide for the Measurement of Rentable Areas” and the relevant Method applied should be specified.

Where specific areas are not covered by this document and require consideration as Rentable Area, separate definitions should be agreed upon by the parties concerned. This Guide is subject to any specific provisions in the lease or agreement to lease which are intended to override the terms or provisions contained in this Guide.